Children’s Exams

We Care About Your Child’s Eye Health

Children are required to undergo vision screening before starting school. Children who do not pass their vision screening exam need a comprehensive vision exam. If conditions such as a lazy eye are not identified during early childhood, there can be permanent loss of vision.

At Downtown Eye Care, our EyeMDs are happy to identify and recommend treatments for children with vision impairments.

What to Expect During a Child’s Eye Exam

Our compassionate EyeMDs take extra care when working with children as we know it can sometimes be a trying experience for both children and parents.

Our EyeMDs perform comprehensive eye exams which include a questionnaire for you about your child’s past medical history and vision issues, age-appropriate vision testing, checking pupils and extraocular muscles, and a detailed exam of the eyes from front to back, including a dilated exam.

To help keep a child comfortable during the exam, our EyeMDs may also use additional numbing drops as a child’s eye can be slightly more sensitive to light and pressure. At Downtown Eye Care, our EyeMDs enjoy helping ensure that your child has the best potential vision to grow, learn and thrive.

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