Experiencing Allergies and Eye Discomfort?

Experiencing Allergies and Eye Discomfort?

If you find yourself with itchy, watery and swollen eyes you may be a sufferer of seasonal allergies.

Eye Allergy Relief

Avoid Allergens. The best way to keep seasonal allergies at bay is to stay away from allergens. Stay indoors as much as possible when pollen counts are high. When inside also be sure to use the air conditioner to filter the air from pollen, be sure to use a high-quality furnace filter to trap common allergens. When you do have to go outside be sure to drive with the car windows up and wear wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes from allergens.

Consider Eye Drops or Other Medication. If allergens are still causing eye irritation to consider using over-the-counter eye drops or antihistamines. If over-the-counter medications and eye drops do not provide enough relief there is also the option to ask your eye doctor for prescription medication. You can book an appointment at Downtown Eye Care by calling (515) 281-0902.

Avoid Contact Lenses. Contact lenses can attract and accumulate airborne allergens. Wearing daily disposable contact lenses can help avoid the build-up of allergens on contact lenses. You could also take this chance to treat yourself to a brand new pair of eyeglasses. 

Allergens don’t have to be a pain. Avoid discomfort this allergy season by making these small changes and booking your next appointment at Downtown Eye Care.