Selecting the Best Lenses After 40

Many people find that they have trouble reading fine print after the age of 40. Presbyopia is the name for this condition. The lens in the eye stiffens and is no longer able to change shape to do the up close focusing required to read small print.

Eyeglass lens options include separate reading and distance glasses, bifocals, trifocals or progressives. Bifocals have two segments for reading and distance separated by a line. Trifocals have 3 segments separated by lines and provide near, intermediate, and distance vision. Most people choose to wear progressive lenses that provide all distances of vision without lines.

There is a lot of difference in quality of progressive lenses from different manufacturers. Older style progressives will have narrower fields of vision and require more head turning to stay in the sweet spot of the lens. We recommend digital progressives that provide HD quality of vision. The segment for intermediate and near vision is wider and there is a smoother transition between powers. They are custom computer designed for every individual prescription.

Computer Lenses

Working at a computer for long periods of time creates special challenges for your eyes. There are single vision and progressive lenses specially made for computer use. For people over 40 with Presbyopia we recommend the Shamir Workspace lens. It is a progressive created for office and computer use. The top part of the progressive lens is in focus at 8-10 feet and then there is a gradual increase in power to include computer range and reading. This lens devotes more area for computer usage than a traditional progressive lens and is more comfortable with less neck strain.

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