Introducing the Downtown Eye Care Smart Mirror!

smart mirror_eye care examPeople with especially blurry vision can have a hard time shopping for new glasses because they can’t see what new frames look like on their faces, but Downtown Eye Care’s Smart Mirror technology solves the problem. If you’re one of those people whose blurry vision makes shopping for new glasses a hassle, you’ll be delighted by how effortless and fun the process can be with our Smart Mirror. Today our team at Downtown Eye Care in Des Moines, IA will explain what the Smart Mirror is and how it can help you pick out your new glasses with ease!

What is a Smart Mirror?

At a normal optical shop, picking out new glasses after a regular or comprehensive eye exam can be stressful. After all, if you can’t see well without your current glasses, how can you see yourself clearly when trying out new frames? In a case like this, you’re usually left to squint and lean uncomfortably close to a regular mirror, and even then you can just barely make out what your new frames look like. This is a major problem for many people and it’s no way to shop for glasses. Our team at Downtown Eye Care doesn’t want you to have that experience in our store.

Downtown Eye Care’s Smart Mirror works by taking your picture while you try on new glasses and displaying those pictures on the Smart Mirror’s screen. You can put on your current glasses and view the pictures to see yourself in new frames. You can easily scroll through 4 pictures at a time, experimenting with different frames until you find the one that suits your style perfectly.

The Benefits of Downtown Eye Care’s Smart Mirror

Our Smart Mirror technology can help people with blurry vision get a true idea of how their new glasses will look on their faces. While this is a great advancement in helping those with poor vision shop comfortably for new glasses, the Smart Mirror also introduces new ways to shop for glasses, no matter the strength of your prescription.

How many times have you been shopping for glasses and said to yourself, “I like these frames, but let’s see these other ones again”? This process can go on for a long time if you have many pairs of glasses you want to try on, and it can be hard to decide when you’re only looking at one style at a time.

With the Smart Mirror, though, you can compare different frames side by side and more easily decide which frame styles suit you best. It’s this convenience that Downtown Eye Care is known for, and we are proud to bring to you an effortless eyeglasses shopping experience every day!

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The entire staff at Downtown Eye Care are committed to making your experience shopping for new eyeglasses fun and easy with our Smart Mirror technology. Stop by our location in the heart of downtown Des Moines and try out our Smart Mirror today!