Our Services

At Downtown Eye Care, we know that your family’s eye health is important to you. That’s why we offer services covering every aspect of your eye care needs, including eye exams, eyeglasses with designer and fashion frames, a wide variety of contact lenses, and surgical solutions for many types of eye conditions.


Eye Exams

A proper eye exam goes beyond determining a new prescription for your glasses or contacts, to understanding the total health of your eyes. A comprehensive eye exam from Dr. Evans at Downtown Eye Care can detect vision conditions in their early stages, as well as shed light on your total body health. Set up an appointment with us today.


Good vision and long-term eye health start with corrective lenses and eyeglasses that are a good fit for you. We offer a wide variety of lenses to correct many eye conditions, and we stock a number of frame lines from your favorite designers to match your personal style. Our optical department can help you find frames that complement your best features so that you can feel confident in your new glasses.

If you have a strong eyeglass prescription and can’t see yourself when trying on new styles of glasses, you will love our Smart Mirror technology! Our staff will take a photo of you wearing up to 4 different frames. You can then put your old glasses on and scroll through the pictures of you in the new frames so that you can actually SEE how you will look in the latest styles. Contact us today for more information on this additional benefit of shopping for glasses with Downtown Eye Care.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology has changed a lot over the years, so if you’ve ever been told that contacts aren’t an option for you because of dry eyes or astigmatism, set up an appointment with Dr. Evans at Downtown Eye Care today. We can review all of your contact lens options, including multifocal and specialty lenses for patients with specific needs.

Vision Testing

At Downtown Eye Care, we offer a wide range of vision testing services to diagnose and monitor eye conditions. Our office is equipped with computerized refracting equipment, field of vision tests and OCT to monitor a wide variety of conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. We use various other tests and specialized techniques to assist us in accurately diagnosing and providing treatment recommendations for most eye conditions.

Children’s Exams

Children need to have their vision screened before starting school. Dr. Evans sees children age 4 and older. If vision problems like lazy eye are not detected at a young age, there can be permanent loss of vision. Bring your children in to see Dr. Evans to ensure their eyes are healthy.

Surgical Solutions

As a board-certified ophthalmologist with over 20 years in practice in the Des Moines area, Dr. Barbara Evans, M.D. performs laser surgeries for glaucoma, secondary cataracts and diabetes. When your ocular condition requires surgery or you’re in search of a second opinion, please contact Downtown Eye Care for an appointment.