What To Expect During an Eye Exam

Looking through glasses at an eye exam chartWhen you come in for your eye exam, you’ll be welcomed into our waiting room and optical shop. You can read, relax or try on the latest fashions in eyewear while you wait to be called to the pretesting area by one of our friendly ophthalmic technicians. Dr. Evans will then examine your eyes and you will have your eyes dilated. It is best to have a driver at your first visit and not to plan to drive for at least 2 hours after your appointment. Dr. Evans will provide you with prescriptions for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses and make appropriate recommendations for the various types of lenses best suited to you. She may recommend certain lens treatments such as a UV 400 coating or a blue light blocker like Prevencia to help protect your eyes and keep them healthy. Our friendly optical staff will help you select flattering frames that best fit you and your lifestyle.

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