Just got home from Downtown Eyecare. I love my new glasses. I love the way they fit and look on me. The girls at the front desk are very friendly and easy to talk with. I would say very personable. Dr. Evans is a person that is very methodical and that what makes me trust her. She is the BEST. Dr. Evans has the best team of young women working for her. HAPPY—–Yes I AM

Mary P.

Have continually had the best eye care. Dr. Young and her staff are very professional and caring. In addition, Dr. Young provides the most up-to-date treatment available for eye issues offering up many options, yet making certain these options are safe with positive outcomes. My recent cataract surgery on both eyes is testament to this fact. Dr. Young suggested a very new lens replacement that could offer complete correction needed for both far- and near-sighted issues. I chose the new lenses and this did result in my having numerous pre-op checks and re-checks with Dr. Young consulting with the pharm rep with these results to assure I was a viable candidate. Again, she takes no chances with her patients. It’s been just over four weeks since 2nd cataract surgery and I am ecstatic with results. My vision is completely prescription lens free and I couldn’t be happier.

Janet Strutt

I love this office the Dr. and office staff are great!

Carol W.

Dr Young performed upper eyelid surgery on me and I am very happy with the results. My range of vision has improved greatly as well as my appearance – no more “hoods” over my eyelids! I would highly recommend Dr Young.

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Great staff and Doctor.

William H.

Dr Young is professional and personable. She does a very good eye exam each time I see her. My husband and I have been patients for over 10 years and would highly recommend her.

Carol Morrison Healthgrades

Fantastic experience!


Over the past four years, Dr. Young has seen me through a variety of eye issues, cataracts being the major issues. She was great. She made sure I knew and understood what was happening, what the procedure would be like, and projected and showed confidence that was contagious. When I walked out of the surgery without glasses, it was just amazing.

Anonymouson Healthgrades

Dr. Evans has been great for me, my husband, and my Dad. She does excellent and thorough work. Highly recommended!

Anne B.

I have had nothing but good experiences at Downtown Eye Care. I scratched my cornea several years ago and when I called for an appointment from the Emergency room (as instructed by the doctors there) Dr. Evans made an appointment for me that day as well as seeing me every day for the next 5 days to monitor my cornea as it healed. The contact prescriptions I get from them are way better than I have gotten from other Doctors. In fact when Dr. Evans was unavailable due to a severe illness my family made the mistake of going to another doctor. The prescriptions we got from them were so bad that my daughter refused to wear her glasses and I couldn’t even read a computer monitor with the contacts. I went back to that Dr for corrections and they charged me again for another contact that wasn’t any better. When Dr Evans was again available my whole family went in and finally received glasses and contacts that we can see and read with. When glasses or contacts don’t work well she will re-order them in a new prescription with no charge to correct the problem. We highly recommend Dr. Evans to anyone who asks.

James S.

Dr. Evans and her staff were amazing! I had got some chemicals in my eyes causing loss of vision. I was able to get in that day after explaining my situation. I was incredibly frightened, but dr. Evans made me feel at ease.

Michele M.

Dr. Evans is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate the good service from the staff as well.

Barbara S.

I have found Dr. Evans to provide exceptional eye care. She detected a problem with my husband’s carotid artery during an annual eye exam. This led to further testing at a specialist’s office then on to a surgeon and having surgery. At that time, of the surgery on the artery, we were told that it was most likely preventive. However, when the surgeon came out to speak with me after the surgery, he said that it wasn’t just preventive after all that the situation was even more serious than the testing showed. Thank goodness, Dr. Evans was so thorough in her exam as left undetected the problem could have caused a stroke.

David D.

The administrative staff is amazing and I always get in and out fairly quickly.

Tasha M.

Dr. Evans and her staff are exceptional in their professional care and services. Thank You

David S.

Spot on prescription for my very fussy eyes. I adapted to new glasses right away. Staff was friendly and helpful Getting compliments on my new look

Nancy B.

I have a very difficult eye condition and it requires a difficult prescription. Even with the prescription, I have low vision. Moreover, I have a very hard-to-fit face because my nose is small and has hardly any bridge in it. Dr. Evans knows exactly what I need and the opticians can fit me. We’ve had some difficulties, but everyone at Downtown Eye Care is willing to work with me to solve any problems that arise.

Mary M.

I love this office the Dr. and office staff are great!

Carol W.