Vision Testing

At Downtown Eye Care, we offer a wide range of vision-testing services to diagnose and monitor eye conditions. Our Des Moines office is equipped with computerized refracting equipment which helps our EyeMDs ensure your proper prescription for corrective lenses.

Downtown Eye Care: Testing Your Vision

Vision-testing, or sight testing, is not a comprehensive eye exam. Vision-testing is a quicker process which involves using the most up-to-date technology, tools, and techniques to determine the strength of lenses that you require to have your best possible vision. Our experienced, board-certified EyeMDs perform Vision-testing to ensure the accuracy of your corrective lenses (glasses and contact lenses). Our EyeMDs are happy to assist with recommendations for reading glasses when the print becomes too small to read too!

During a Vision-Testing Exam, sometimes our EyeMDs detect a possible eye condition affecting your vision that is not correctable with glasses or contact lenses. In that event, our EyeMDs may also recommend that you return for a comprehensive eye exam (a medical exam of your eyes) to help ensure that you maintain the best possible health of your eyes and vision.

Your Vision is Too Important

Here at Downtown Eye Care, we understand that with family, work and other commitments, there are thousands of reasons to delay your eye exam. We also know how disruptive unexpected vision changes can be to your active lifestyle.

Our approachable and friendly board-certified ophthalmologists (EyeMDs) are dedicated to providing you with a warm, comfortable and professional clinic experience and providing the medical knowledge, clinical and surgical expertise to help you maintain the health of your eyes.

Give us a call at (515) 281-0902 today! Our Downtown Eye Care team are ready to assist your vision testing needs.